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Your sexual orientation and that of your partner is a factor that plays a very important role in sex. It will determine all aspects of a date, from the practices you will do to who you will share them with.

Although each person is different and, fortunately, the labels regarding sexuality and sexual orientation are changing, we can divide people into several groups depending on their sexual orientation and how they live and enjoy their sexuality: homosexuals, heterosexuals, demisexuals, pansexuals, sapiosexuals, asexuals and bisexuals, among others.

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Historically, religion and the institutions that governed society have regarded heterosexuality as the standard orientation of people. That is why heterosexuality has always enjoyed social acceptance. Being heterosexual was considered “normal” while other sexual orientations were stigmatized.


The word asexual is made up of the prefix “a” and the lexical element “sexual”. The suffix “a” comes from the Greek and means negation, therefore asexual literally means “non-sexual”. People who belong to this group do not experience any type of sexual attraction to men or women.

We must not confuse asexuality with celibacy or sexual abstinence. Sexual orientation is not something you choose to have or not to have, unlike abstinence and celibacy. Unlike asexuality, celibacy and abstinence are sexual behaviors that some people voluntarily adopt for religious or personal beliefs.

However, asexuals do not experience sexual attraction, they can become romantically attracted to one sex or even to both and often wish to have romantic relationships that can lead to marriages, although they would prefer that those personal relationships do not include sexual practices.


Demisexual is a word composed of “demi”, which in English means “half” and “sexus”, which in Latin means “sex”, of course. Contrary to what we might think from its etymology, demisexual does not refer to a person who likes sex only half or who has only half his sexuality.

This term was coined by the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) institution, and people who experience demisexuality feel sexual attraction only to specific people with whom they have previously built strong emotional ties. Generally, demisexual people are not particularly attracted to either gender, but they do experience sexual attraction when they emotionally connect with Cheap Call Girls in Delhi on a deep level.


“Sapio” comes from “sapiens”, which means wise, intelligent or reasoned. Sapiosexual people obtain sexual pleasure when they connect with a person on an intellectual level. These types of people usually have the common characteristic of what in psychology is known as “openness to experience.” Sapiosexuals usually pay little attention to those experiences they have already had, which they find boring or repetitive.

To stimulate the sexual desire of a sapiosexual, it is necessary to seduce them with interesting conversations on unusual topics. The excitement will start in the mind and end up spreading to physical levels until you feel the urgent desire to possess the intelligence of your partner on a sexual level.


Pansexuality is a type of sexual orientation in which people orient their sexual attraction and also their sentimental attraction towards other people without making distinctions of gender or biological sex.

The term pansexual is a neologism that is constructed from the Greek prefix “pan” and the word “sexual”. Pan- means “everything” and refers to the plurality of types of person that pansexuals are attracted to.

Pansexuals are also known as omnisexuals, whose Latin prefix “omni” means “everything.” This type of sexual orientation is not comparable to bisexuality, but is a broader and free version. They are attracted to heterosexual, lesbian, gay, intersex, transgender, and intergender men and Cheap Escort service in Delhi.


This type of sexual orientation is one of the most common in society. Heterosexual people experience sexual attraction to people of the opposite sex to their own. That is, they are men who are attracted to Escort service in Delhi and vice versa.

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Homosexuals are sexually attracted to escort services of the same sex or biological gender. “Homo” means “equal” in Greek, so the term “homosexual” can refer to homosexual men but also to homosexual women, also known as lesbians.

Homosexuality was considered an anomalous sexual condition until recently and even now it generates discrimination. Unfortunately, some came to believe that it was a disease and that it could therefore be cured and led to heterosexuality. Even at one time there was mental health clinics specialized in treating homosexuality with macabre techniques such as electroshock.


Bisexual people are attracted to men and call girls. The Kinsey scale establishes various degrees of bisexuality depending on the type of predominant sexual relations of each person. Grade 0, the lowest on this scale, represents heterosexuality while grade 6 represents homosexuality.

Bisexuals are in the middle of this table, meaning fully bisexual people rank 3 on the Kinsey scale. Grade 1 and grade 2 are occupied by people who are predominantly heterosexual but who sporadically have homosexual contacts to a greater or lesser extent.

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